How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

Let me tell you how you can stop this bad behavior.

If you do this, you will leave it forever permanently.

This is a very bad thing in Islam.

To leave masterbate, first of all, you should get married.

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said that a person who can marry should marry.

Because marriage prevents a person from many sins.

And the one who cannot get married should fast a lot.

And the second task is to keep yourself busy for 24 hours.

At the time when you do this dirty work, you should not remain alone at that time, at this time you should keep yourself busy in some good work.

And don’t go to the place where you commit this crime without any reason.

Do not use mobile while sleeping.

Read an Islamic book while sleeping.

Divert your attention from such a place that you masterburate.

Don’t watch dirty movies, don’t look at women anywhere on the roads with evil eye.

And whenever you commit this crime, then punish yourself either by giving some money in charity or by fasting.

It is better if you fast to atone for this sin.

Whenever you commit this crime, you will fast for at least one week continuously.

And you should also repent and isteghfar to Allah in this regard.

If someone is addicted to this crime, then he should not be disheartened.

It takes time to let go of such things.

As soon as you repent and punish yourself, in the same way you will go on moving away from this sin.

And then this crime will end from your life.

When you try to leave this sin, Allah will also help you.

You have to avoid this crime till death.

Don’t lay down your arms before the devil, rather save yourself from all kinds of sins in the love of Allah.