Is it Haram to Kill House Lizards

Is it Haram to Kill House Lizards

There is a hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that when Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was thrown into the fire, the lizard was starving in the fire and was trying to ignite the fire.

What is the meaning of this hadith ?

Scholars have written that this is only to show that lizards and all animals of this genus, including a chameleon, have anti-human software installed in them.

These animals are enemies of Humans.

When they get a chance, it is when they harm humans.

So the Prophet has encouraged to kill the lizard.

And the order of the chameleon is the same as that of the lizard.

The Prophet said that whoever kills in one attack will get 100 good deeds.

And the number of attacks increases, the virtues decrease.

The reason for this is that the less pain you kill the animal, the more reward you will get.

Like the lizard is on the wall and you hit it with a shoe and it becomes a sticker.

So the lizard does not suffer from it.

He dies in seconds.

But if you start playing it.

You cut off his tail first.

Then you play with him for half an hour.

As children are doing.

So, in such a case, your good deeds will decrease, can also be a sin of cruelty to animals.

So animals like lizards and chameleons should be killed which harm humans.

But the method of killing should be adopted in which the suffering of the animal is minimal.

And it is not necessary to bathe after killing them.

And these animals are impure and eating them is forbidden.