Is Wudu Necessary After Ghusl

Is Wudu Necessary After Ghusl

Do you want to know that Wudu is necessary after Ghusl ?

Many people think that it is necessary to perform wudu after ghusl.

And many people perform wudu separately after bathing to pray.

Look, it is Fardh to wash four things in wudu.

Face, hands to elbows, wiping head and feet to ankles.

So, if these four things are washed during the bath, then your wudu becomes automatic.

So, my Muslim brothers and sisters, if you have bathed according to the Sunnah, as told by the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

That is, if you first performed Istinja and wudu and then performed a full ghusl, then your wudu is complete.

Or even if you did not perform wudu before, even if you perform ghusl in this way, your wudu will be done.

There is no need for wudu after bathing.