Misdemeanor Lawyer

Misdemeanor Lawyer

I am going to tell you here who is the best misdemeanor lawyer.

I have done a lot of research on the internet about misdemeanor lawyers, after this I am going to tell you this.

You can get your work done with these 5 lawyers.

According to your budget or the work you want to get done, see which lawyer is better for you.

  1. Sommer Salam: He is a good lawyer.

Sommer Salam’s address is 626 Wilshire Blvd, Ste, #460 Los Angeles, California 90017.

The telephone number of Sommer Salam is (213)995-6767.

Sommer Salam’s email address is sas@aerlawgroup.com.

Sommer Salam’s website is aerlawgroup.com.

Sommer Salam is a good misdemeanor lawyer.

  1. Riccardo Ippolito: A good lawyer.

Riccardo Ippolito’s address is 675 North First Street, Suite 675, San Jose, California 95112.

Riccardo Ippolito’s telephone number is 408-920-9720.

Riccardo Ippolito’s email address is Rippolito@viblaw.com.

Riccardo Ippolito’s website is viblaw.com.

Riccardo Ippolito is a good misdemeanor lawyer.

  1. John Teakell: A good lawyer.

John Teakell’s address is 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite 300, Dallas, Texas 75219.

John Teakell’s telephone number is (214) 523-9076.

John Teakell’s email address is jteakell@teakelllaw.com.

John Teakell’s website is teakelllaw.com.

John Teakell is a good misdemeanor lawyer.

  1. Jonathan Karl Thiele: A good lawyer.

Jonathan Karl Thiele’s address is 202 Lake Miriam Drive, West Wing, Suite W-1, Lakeland Florida 33813.

Jonathan Karl Thiele’s telephone number is 863 937 6861.

Jonathan Karl Thiele’s email address is thielelawfirm@gmail.com.

Jonathan Karl Thiele is a good misdemeanor lawyer.

  1. Nialena Caravasos: A good lawyer.

Nialena Caravasos’s address is 1604 Locust Street, 4th floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103.

Nialena Caravasos’ telephone number is 215-925-5200.

Nialena Caravasos’s email address is nialena4defense@nialena.com.

Nialena Caravasos’s website is nialena.com.

Nialena Caravasos is a good misdemeanor lawyer.