Unsure How Many Rakats

Unsure How Many Rakats

If you suspect that you are in the third or fourth rakat, the first order is to put pressure on your mind.

Act on whichever side is more mind-blowing.

For Example, If the mind is going more towards the third rak’at, consider it as the third rak’at.

If more mind is going towards fourth then consider it as fourth rakat.

But if you are totally confused, 50% here and 50% there, then in the hadith the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that it will be considered as less rak’ahs.

That is, if you have a doubt whether it has been read three or four, then you will think that you have read three rak’ahs.

what will happen now?

That after the third rak’at, when you stand for the fourth rak’at, then after the fourth rak’at you have to perform Qaida.

After completing al-Tahiyat, standing again is to be done.

Because it is quite possible that it is not the fourth but the third Rakat.

Then you have to add one more rak’at and that rak’at will either be the fourth or the fifth.

So you have to read one al-Tahiyat extra (means one Qaida extra).

And then at the end do Sajdah Sahu too.

So your prayer will be done in this way.