What is Haram in Islam

what is haram in islam

Read this entire article and you will know which things are forbidden in Islam.

Believing in someone other than Allah is the greatest and worst deed in Islam.

Adultery and alcohol are forbidden in Islam for Muslim men and women.

Gold jewelry and silk cloth are forbidden for men.

Usury and gambling are also forbidden in Islam.

And the business of any haram things is also haram in Islam.

It is also forbidden to listen to any kind of music (even if it is a song of any kind).

Even harming yourself or someone else is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Masturbation and Zina is also frowned upon in Islam.

And in the matter of food, it is forbidden to eat pork, blood and to eat such an animal that the name of Allah was not mentioned while slaughtering.

Similarly, committing suicide and tattooing are strictly forbidden in Islam.

Doing magic and not paying zakat is also a big sin in Islam.

It is a big sin not to pray and not to fast during Ramadaan.

It is also a great sin not to perform Hajj despite being able to do it and to misbehave with one’s parents.

It is also a great sin to falsely accuse someone and break the relationship with one’s relatives.

Making Statues and pictures is also forbidden in Islam.

Running away from the battlefield is also forbidden in Islam.

It is also a big sin for men to cut their beards and wear turbans below their ankles.

There are many other things which are forbidden in Islam.

If it is not halal anywhere in the hadith, then it is haram.