Who Comes First Wife or Parents in Islam

Who Comes First Wife or Parents in Islam

Do you want to know who has more right among parents and wife ?

See, parents have more rights.

He has created, His bounties are endless.

There cannot be two opinions.

And more attention should be paid to parents.

That is, give priority to parents over wife.

But the principle is that the doing of parental rights is different in Shari’ah.

And the method of paying wife’s rights is different.

They are both different from each other.

So they are not opposite to each other.

These two are not against each other that if you pay the rights of the mother then the rights of the wife will be lost or if you pay the rights of the wife then the rights of the mother will be lost.

For example, if someone asks you whether the right of a daughter is more or that of a son ?

The rights are equal but there is a difference in paying the rights of both.

You enable your son to earn.

A daughter’s right is that you find a good relationship for her.

That is, the methods are different.

Brother’s right is paid differently.

Sister’s right is paid differently.

This is also the right of parents to save them from suffering.

Time is given more to the wife.

That’s why parents don’t need much of your time.

Allah has created husband and wife for enjoy.

So they ask each other for time.

Parents do not ask for more time.

But if it is necessary to give time to the parents due to illness, then you should give time to the parents first.

That is why people do not take their parents with them on a journey but take their wives with them.

since it is included in the rights of the wife.

Allah Ta’ala has said in the Holy Qur’an that “Wasahibatihi Wabanihi“.

Allah Ta’ala has called the wife in the Qur’an “Sahib“, meaning the living together.

Because she is the wife, she is usually given more time.

And this is not a violation of parental rights.

Because parents don’t need much time from their children.

Yes you are not giving your parents time at all.

So it becomes cruelty.

Similarly, expenses, because parents are not in need of expenses, because your father is also earning, which is spending on your mother.

So it is not your responsibility to spend on your mother because she is responsible for your father and he is feeding her.

Either your mother gets pension or your mother works.

While Allah has put the expenses of the wife on the shoulders of the husband.

So in this regard it may be that if you are not giving to your parents and feeding your wife and children, then there is no sin in it.

When sin occurs, when parents are not earning a living, in such a situation if you are not taking care of your parents, but your wife and children, then you will be guilty of a very serious sin.

In such a case you are ordered to feed them both.

You cannot lose someone because of someone else.

If your income is low, split it.

So to say that the wife has more right on time and spending the night is the right of the wife.

If you don’t sleep with your mother or father, you sleep with your wife.

So in such a situation, if your mother taunts you that I want you to come and sleep in my house, if you you sleep with your wife, then the right of the mother is more.

So this taunt of the mother will be wrong because the right of the mother is more but this right is not the right of the mother.

This right does not belong to the mother but to the one who left her parents and came to your house.

So you will have to spend this night with him.

Yes, sometimes it is okay.

As the parents say that it has been a long time since they stayed at our house for a long time, then come for a few days, that is a different matter.

But a man has to live with his wife on a permanent basis and the wife’s expenses on a permanent basis are also the responsibility of the husband.

Even if the wife is rich.

If the parents are rich, then the expenses of the parents are not necessary for you, but why is the wife not a millionaire ?

Still, her expenses are in the husband’s account.

Because she has left her home, the wife’s expenses are obligatory on the husband.

So these are a few things.

Then you ask how parents have more rights ?

Parental rights that are upon you If you deny parental rights, you will be guilty of a great sin.

If you deny the rights of your wife, it will be a sin, but not as much as the sin of disturbing your parents.

Parents have more rights in this regard.

And parents have more right in general things.

General matters mean work that is not your responsibility.

For example, if your wife is ordering you to do something and your parents are against it, then you have to obey your parents.

For example, on a weekday, mother is saying, son, take me for a walk in the park, my health is getting worse, the doctor has ordered me to take a walk.

And on the other hand, the wife says that you will go to my relatives.

So in such a case you have to follow mother’s order.

Because you have to put the mother’s needs first.

Tell your wife that my mother is unwell.

And he asked me to take him to the park.

Tell your wife that you will give time to your relatives again.

For example, if your wife asks you to perform Hajj.

If your mother also asks you to perform Hajj, then your mother has more right because it is not obligatory on you to perform Hajj for her.

So in normal cases your father and mother will be preferred.